Maintenance Consulting

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Maintenance Consulting

We have been doing maintenance consulting and tournament preparation for more than 40 years across the globe. As a result, we have developed a broad frame of reference as to what defines ideal maintenance and playability conditions that translate to the ideal golfing experience.
Our consultation programs start with an initial evaluation using our proprietary benchmark evaluation system. This evaluation provides the starting point followed by the establishment of a goal. Armed with an abundance of information, a starting point and the goal a customized maintenance program, that fits the clubs resources, is then designed.   
Maintenance programs range from an on-site consultation to our most comprehensive program which includes superintendent placement in conjunction with senior technical advise culminating in the full implementation of our proprietary Maintenance Optimization System.  
“…after visiting various projects of Thailand Golf in Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong we found all courses were presented in championship conditions and it was evident that Tony and his team had experience in providing the modern day technology of golf course maintenance.” MM Singh Esq., CEO, Royal Calcutta Golf Club




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